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Centro Credentialing Services

Got more than one provider? You will need to credential every provider you work with.

Failing to manage the medical credentialing and contracting process will cause a loss in revenue.

We are introducing credentialing to enhance medical enrollment processes and patient protection. To help you get set up quickly and correctly, we offer Physicians Credentialing Services for your practice so you can spend time with your patients and get paid for the work you do.

We help you recognize doctors’ capabilities in particular practice areas. We will make sure each provider has completed the necessary application and contracts to ensure your practice is paid for services.

Why Use Centro Credentialing Services?

  • Dedicated project manager assigned to you.
  • Update and maintain CAQH profile.
  • Follow up on re-credentialing.
  • Manage all necessary credentialing requirements on your behalf.
  • Manage credentialing documents database.

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